Teamwork for Solving Technical Problems

One of the keys to succeed in problem solving is by doing it as a team. It is true that there are times when there are problems that you alone can solve. But when it comes to technical problems, teamwork is a real must.

When a technical problem occurs, a lot can be damaged. It is time consuming especially when you are doing something important that has time limitations. In times like this, IT personnel are there to fix it. But one person cannot fix everything at once. In times like this, he or she would need someone to back him up.

It is also good to note, that technical problems may come from different areas. So, relationship with different technical areas such as Network, Storage, Application, Administrator and Vendors should be established strongly. You need to develop a good working relationship with all of the personnel assign in every area. When there is a problem it easier to fix it when you know where to look first. With all of you finding the problem in every area, the finding time will be shorter.

After identifying the problem, the next thing to do is to create the correct ‘problem statement’. It is easier to make a problem statement when you know that there is unity in your team. When there is a good relationship with different technical areas, the problem can be addressed as soon as possible. To do that, everyone should isolate issue for troubleshooting.

When there are members of the team who have issues with each other, the work is affected as well. They need to set aside their feelings to do their work. It can work at one time but not really for long. The best thing to do is talk about it and handles the matter like how a real professional would. To create the correct ‘problem statement’, knowing the technical problem is not enough.

Everyone should be professional and personal matters should be put aside first. A team who does not have the best of relationship can hardly come up with the best solution. Instead of solving a problem, they are creating inner problems within the group. To isolate issue for troubleshooting may not be enough. The most important thing they need to do is to develop a working relationship with different technical areas. Technical problems are not easy to fix. It would be a harder to task to do if you have no connection with the technical areas included in it. You will never create the correct problem statement in this case. How will you, when you do not really know what is the matter in every area?

Teamwork is essential for solving technical problems. One area is connected to another and without the good relationship, troubleshooting will only fail. Isolate issues for troubleshooting problems. The issues you need to ponder on are not only the technical ones you also need to tackle the issues you have with another. Address it right away so it would not grow bigger. When you are a team, this is the only way you can really fix any problem.