VDA Registration and Troubleshooting

VDA registration, “Auto-Update” feature, how services, policies and registry interact during the process and few troubleshooting steps.

The Basics

VDA registration involves communication between two components: VDA agent and Desktop Delivery Controller.

That means essentially: Desktop Service communicates with Broker service for VDA registration

How this happens?

VDA registration consists on registration of VDA with one of DDC available on Citrix site. To do that, Citrix uses different ways to achieve this “VDA registration”:

  • During VDA installation
  • Citrix Policies
  • Windows registry keys
  • Active Directory Policies

The Citrix “Auto-Update” feature

Citrix introduced a feature called “Auto-Update”. This feature keeps updated list of DDCs available in the infrastructure which VDA can contact during bootstrap connection to register VDA with DDC.

If you want to manage manually this list, disable this policy.

Troubleshooting VDA registration

Principal points to check during troubleshooting

  • DNS resolution issues
  • Time Synchronization issues between VDA and DDC
  • Registry keys
  • Citrix policies
  • Windows and Citrix services
  • Check Event Viewer

 VDA  troubleshooting  process

In order to have a better understanding of VDA troubleshooting, below you can see the process provided by Citrix


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Windows registry

Go to “ListOfDDCs” reg key and check all your DDCs are listed

  • HKLM/SOFTWARE/Citrix/VirtualDesktopAgent/ListOfDDCs

DNS resolution

Make sure that VDA can contact DDC by using “Ping” and “nslookup” commands

Time Synchronization issues between VDA and DDC

Check both need to have same Time configured on each.

On next Troubleshooting series, we will see more options to find the solution to VDA issues