DID YOU KNOW? – “FlexCast” models

Did you know there are different flavors that Citrix has for you? The FlexCast model allows you to choose between a list of Virtual Desktop options to meet users requirements like desktop performance, mobility, availability and so on.

The FlexCast options we have are:

  • Hosted Shared
  • Hosted VDI
    • Random/ Non-persistent
    • Static/ Non-persistent
    • Static persistent
  • Remote PC
  • Streamed VHD
  • Local VM
  • On-Demand apps

This is why it is so important to make a good assessment to detect the kind of solution you need

You can do the following:

  • Manually visit users and check desktop performance and app resources consumption
  • Use a questionnaire to get all information required in less time and answered by correct people
  • Use Citrix Project Accelerator tool

Remember! You need to assess the environment and define user Groups

For more reference I invite you to take look to Citrix documentation “Virtual Desktop Handbook” there you can fine all process to select the best option for you. http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX139331

Having said that, let´s take a deep look into the most used FlexCast models:

Hosted Shared

Multiple user desktops are hosted on single server. This is a good and low cost option but you have to be aware that only applications compatible with “multi-user” server based are allowed; another point is the fact that multiple users are sharing server resources, so any task executed by one user can affect the rest of them.

Hosted VDI

The Hosted VDI is desktop assigned to single user which allows run any application

You can find 3 different options of this kind

of VDI, depending on your needs is the one that fits better:

  • Random / Non-persistent: Desktops based on single Master Image and loaded from pool of available desktops. Changes to desktop are lost after server reboot
  • Static / Non-persistent:The difference between Non-persistent Random and Static desktops is Static desktop is always launched by same user. It keeps same behavior like changes are lost after reboot. This type allows you to have a controlled desktop assignment.
  • Static Persistent:Here any change done to desktop is saved on a Personal vDisk.

Hope this information can help you to have a better understanding of different options Citrix has for us